Amy Stephen

Hacker Grandma


Welcome to my mind.

I have not blogged for a couple of years but I do talk excessively on Twitter and I spend a great deal of time coding Molajo. I have a few things I want to discuss in a little more detail so in 2014, I plan to do so, sharing ideas and thoughts on code, open source, feminism, and online communities.

I will no doubt include the occasional picture of my grandchildren, Gemma and Emerson, and it’s highly likely I will climb on top of the high horse I so love to ride. Hopefully, I’ll fall on my ass with grace, but either way, anyone who likes to talk like they know it all gets what’s coming.

I’m using Jekyll Bootstrap and this nifty Dinky Theme from SodaBrew. Thanks to all contributors who made it easy for me to download, install, and run my mouth. Thanks to github for making it possible to do so free of charge.


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